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Farming the Flavors of Our South Coast

We are passionate about our farm; and we are passionate about the soil and sunlight that join together in our ripening grapes. Our great unexplored territory, Massachusetts’ grown wine, is a blank canvas begging for exploration and creativity. Just how does Massachusetts grown chardonnay taste? What aromatics evolve in the tank and barrel? What style? What food to pair?

Our exploration is 25 years along and we’ve learned that Massachusetts’ grown wines are not only exceptionally flavorful but also crisp, clean and a pleasure with our local foods. Got scallops? Got oysters? Got local cheese? We’ve got the wine. Shipping on 12 or more bottles is FREE!

Why Buy Westport Rivers Wine?

Small Farmer – Sustainable Practices

Small farmers are the best at tending their land, whatever they farm.  Time Magazine recently had an issue explaining how buying from local, small farmers trumps the label “organic” in every way.  Wendell Berry, the essayist and poet said in a recent interview that ” ‘Organic’ has become a label, as it was destined to be. It’s a completely worthless word now. It has been perverted to suit the needs of industrial agriculture.”  Supporting small farmers is one of the best ways to help our environment and our economy.  The local, estate grown, winery is a rare and precious gem.

Traditional Method – The Art of Minimal Intervention

All of our wines are minimally processed. We use ancient, traditional methods including those of Champagne and Burgundy.  Where large producers over manipulate wine to create artificiality in every way, we allow time and patience to do the work naturally for us.

Regional Flavor – The Joy of the Neighborhood

Wines in a region can’t help but respond to the foods of that region and there are no wines on the planet that go better with our abundance of local seafood than those grown here at Westport Rivers.  Our clean, crisp acidity and ripe fruit make for perfect partners to so many local foods.

Local Economy – Towards a Deep and Meaningful Economy

Money spent locally tends to stay in the area longer and provides local jobs. Financially stable farms provide the “rural agricultural character” that makes New England the vacation destination for millions of Americans providing even more jobs not to mention an environment which lends itself to a more connected community.