Aperitif, Luxury Vermouth and Remarkable Sweetness

Grace Chardonnay
Gold Medal status and rated a 92 at the World Wine Championships, our aperitif Chardonnay was 7 years in the making. To make Grace is deceptively simple. We take our estate grown eau de vie of chardonnay and blend it with brilliant, fresh pressed chardonnay juice. Then age it in French oak. Give the elements time to evolve and the result is nothing short of heavenly. “Lightly hazy golden color. Spicy caramelized apple and pineapple and coconut flan aromas with a supple, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a tangy apricot marmalade, apple cider and peppery spice finish. Delicious and great with cheeses.” Savor Grace before the meal with cheeses or pate. 17.5% alcohol by volume.

Grace Pinot Noir
Wonderful aromas of crème brulee, caramel, dates, figs and warm toast. We blended our estate grown Pinot Noir “clear brandy” with ripe Pinot Noir juice and aged it in French oak.  5 different vintages blended together make for intense richness.

17.5% alcohol by volume.



Grace Prodigiosa – our luxury vermouth
This will be an evolving project, full of surprises and unanticipated delights. The batches will be small to tiny, available only in our Company Store and at select venues in Boston. We are numbering each batch so that you can keep track of what is what. Check in with us from time to time for what’s available and coming out.

Our first offering of this luxury vermouth, coded NE1, is a tribute to New England with hints of coastal treasures and woodland treats.  Featuring over 15 herbs and plants that call New England home, including rose hip, pine, cranberry, birch bark and more. It is a complex dry white Vermouth that excels whether in cocktails or chilled neat.

Prodigiosa Trio – each with it’s own signature cocktail recipe included.

Three remarkable vermouths in one beautiful package. Included are:

NE1.1 – Our principle dry white vermouth hearkens to the New England coast with birch, pine, rose hips and cranberries complementing customary botanicals in a base wine of aged Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier fortified with our own brandy.

P1: Think Pastis as this dry white vermouth employs anise, caraway, and licorice root along with umpteen other botanicals in a base wine of aged Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier fortified with our own brandy.

S1: A fresh, vibrant sweet vermouth balances intense bitter components and herbal high notes in a base wine of young Pinot Noir fortified with our own brandy.